Longing for a capable body

“Longing for a capable body”, Loop animation video, Rotoscopy Ink on glass, 2021

This loop animation video was made during a period where I was extremely sick and limited in my own movements. I was daydreaming, watching contemporary ballet/dance choreographies regularly. I was at the same time transported and frustrated, as I knew my body could never move like that.
Impressed by the work of choreographers such as Sharon Eyal, Damien Jallet, Akram Khan, Alexander Ekman, Crystal Pite, Pina Bausch, Ohad Naharin, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, my retina was imprinted with such incredible moves.
I made this loop as a fragment of my dream, the only way I was capable of: with an ephemeral ink on glass strokes that left no other trace than the few frames of that video.