Back to square one (2018)

Skills: I-Video, II-Installation

“Back to square one”, Projection mapping, 2018

Emplacement boîtes

  1. The woman fits into a domestic space, she tries to comply with what society expects of her.
  2. She wears what is suggested to her by fashion and/or induced by religious constraints.
  3. The bureaucratic processes of administrations are imposed upon her when as an immigrant she has to prove her identity as a woman and as a citizen.
  4. The man defines the reduced boundaries of the female universe, freedom itself is measured according to well-defined roles.
  5. The man and the woman reconcile, find a common ground, a form of harmony, and bring a dance step into existence together.
  6. Doubt, wandering, lack of purpose wear out a wheel stuck in an endless cycle.
  7. Here again, the man molds the woman to correspond to the role assigned to her, the expectations that she is supposed to embody.
  8. Man tries to escape a form of predefined destination related to his past, with what shapes him in his daily life, at the end he accepts to occupy the place assigned to him; even if he partially changes his cell, he enters the box that he must occupy, once again.