How to survive one more day (2022)

Skills: I-Video, VII-Writing

How to survive one more day, video and sound, 2022

They said take two with food
And I did
They said take one every morning
And I did

Twenty minutes before meals
With or without meals
Away from meals

One scoop with lunch
600 mg twice a day

Add one scoop to water or juice
Stir briskly and consume immediately

Once daily
Twice daily
Thrice daily

Blend or shake in cold liquid
One capsule on an empty stomach
Half a tab before bed

Ten drops
Twenty drops
Thirty drops
Forty drops
Diluted in water

They kept saying it
They thought it might help
And so did I

I got broke
It didn’t hold to the promise

And I’m still at the same spot
The never ending struggle to survive.