Longing for a capable body

“Longing for a capable body”, Loop animation video, Rotoscopy Ink on glass, 2021 This loop animation video was made during a period where I was extremely sick and limited in… Read More →

July 13th (2023)

“July 13th”, Poem, 2023   I inquired of the sun if I could accompany it, only to be told, “I shine too brightly for one like you.” Seeking permission from… Read More →

September 19th (2023)

“September 19th”, Video and Poem, 2023     There were moments in my life when the fear of hearing a particular word loomed over me. It was a word I… Read More →

Public art (2022)

Public art for Bell box mural project, Toronto, 2022 This mural drawing was commissioned by Bell box murals and is located at 5 Maxwell Street, North York, M3H 5A9, ON.… Read More →

Limit 1k (2022)

“Limit 1k”, Loop video and mixed sounds, 2022 “Limit 1k” is a video and sound installation created by 2 videos captured during a walk in the nature combined by 2… Read More →