Limit 1k (2022)

“Limit 1k”, Loop video and mixed sounds, 2022 “Limit 1k” is a video and sound installation created by 2 videos captured during a walk in the nature combined by 2… Read More →

Side Effect #1 (2021)

“Side Effect #1”, 3 Channel video and sound, 2021       I used to love books, reading them, getting lost in them or collecting them. Even looking at their… Read More →

Pale red maple leaves (2020)

“Pale red maple leaves”, Poem, 2020 When the wind starts hitting the pale red maple leaves The motivation keeps fading from this disabled being The maple stubbornly sways from North… Read More →

Brain Fog #3 (2021)

Brain Fog #3, Loop video and mixed sounds, 2021 Early 2021 in a midst of the Covid-19 pandemic we learned that mankind landed a rover on Mars. At the same… Read More →

Brain Fog #2 (2020)

Brain Fog #2, Loop video and mixed sounds, 2020 “WARNING” This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.   When the white noise… Read More →

Brain fog #1 (2020)

Brain fog #1, Video and mixed sounds, 2020        Audio/sound credits via – Soundholder – props broom small with more hars sound swipes long and short on concrete… Read More →

Jar of Paste (2020)

“Jar of paste, a tribute to chronic illness #1”, Video and poem read by AI voice, 2020   When East goes South and South goes West When the skies are… Read More →