Brain Fog #3 (2021)

Brain Fog #3, Loop video and mixed sounds, 2021 Early 2021 in a midst of the Covid-19 pandemic we learned that mankind landed a rover on Mars. At the same… Read More →

Brain Fog #2 (2020)

Brain Fog #2, Loop video and mixed sounds, 2020 “WARNING” This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.   When the white noise… Read More →

Brain fog #1 (2020)

Brain fog #1, Video and mixed sounds, 2020        Audio/sound credits via – Soundholder – props broom small with more hars sound swipes long and short on concrete… Read More →

Jar of Paste (2020)

“Jar of paste, a tribute to chronic illness #1”, Video and poem read by AI voice, 2020   When East goes South and South goes West When the skies are… Read More →

Algie (2016-2019)

“Algie series”, Mixed media, 2016-2019 “Algie” in French or “Algia” in English is used as a suffix meaning “pain”. It is often used in medical terms, especially in pathologies. In… Read More →

Cairn (2007)

An encounter between raw material, photo, sound and public. “Cairn”, In Situ Project, 2007 Footprints, traces left behind, messages carried by stones as result of erosion, all pilled up in… Read More →

Suspended life (2018)

“Suspended life”, Installation, 2018 In this installation, the transfusion material, the permanent flow is accentuated by the time as it pours out. The bicycle wheel, supporting of this tragic pole… Read More →

Integr-Action (2007)

Experimental project through the music of the Other “Integr-Action”, Video, 2007 This project features people from different backgrounds dancing and letting their emotions flow freely to music from different styles… Read More →

Winds against air (2016)

In these videos, NAG confronts internal and external forces. She contemplates an invisible thread that sets us in motion: the Air. Such as a puppeteer who torments his characters in… Read More →

Sound of the Other (2007)

“Sound of the Other”, Performance and video, 2007 Experimental project through sound of the Other This work with the “Other” is a filmed performance and involves the notion of exchange,… Read More →