July 13th (2023)

“July 13th”, Poem, 2023   I inquired of the sun if I could accompany it, only to be told, “I shine too brightly for one like you.” Seeking permission from… Read More →

September 19th (2023)

“September 19th”, Video and Poem, 2023     There were moments in my life when the fear of hearing a particular word loomed over me. It was a word I… Read More →

Public art (2022)

Public art for Bell box mural project, Toronto, 2022 This mural drawing was commissioned by Bell box murals and is located at 5 Maxwell Street, North York, M3H 5A9, ON.… Read More →

Limite 1km (2022)

“Limit 1k”, Loop video and mixed sounds, 2022 “Limit 1k” is a video and sound installation created by 2 videos captured during a walk in the nature combined by 2… Read More →

Side Effect #1 (2021)

“Side Effect #1”, 3 Channel video and sound, 2021       I used to love books, reading them, getting lost in them or collecting them. Even looking at their… Read More →

Pale red maple leaves (2020)

“Pale red maple leaves”, Poem, 2020 When the wind starts hitting the pale red maple leaves The motivation keeps fading from this disabled being The maple stubbornly sways from North… Read More →

Still dealing with daily chores (2021)

“Still dealing with daily chores”, Video, animation and sound, 2021   This video conveys the feeling of never-ending tasks and getting overwhelmed by repeating patterns amplified by being housebound due… Read More →