July 13th (2023)

Skills: VII-Ecrits

“July 13th”, Poem, 2023


I inquired of the sun if I could accompany it, only to be told, “I shine too brightly for one like you.”

Seeking permission from the wind to be its follower, it responded, “I blow too swiftly for one like you.”

Turning to the water, I asked if I could trail behind, it replied, “I run too deep for one like you.”

Approaching the rock, I inquired about following its path, and it retorted, “I stand too strong for one like you.”

So I sat there by the lake, gazing at its tranquil surface, basking in the warmth of the sun and the rock, while embracing the caress of the wind.

In that serene moment, I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder. I turned around and it was a tiny grain of sand.

The grain of sand asked if I care to be followed.

Hesitation filled my mind. “Why me? Are there not enough grains of sand who could befriend you?”, I pondered silently.

I eventually replied, “You may follow me as long as you desire, and I shall stand by your side.”

And in that very moment, I felt love coursing through my veins. I did not reject the one who needed me. I began to transform into a greater being, a deeper, brighter, faster and stronger one.

On that very day, I was reborn. I learned to be kind. It brought me all the qualities I had longed for.