NAG is a Toronto-based multi-disciplinary French-Iranian artist. After leaving her homeland Iran, she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in “Visual arts” and a M1 in “Contemporary Art and New Medias” from the Université de Paris 8, France. A few years later, she completed her “Master of Arts” degree from the Université du Québec a Chicoutimi, Canada. Since then she has developed her artistic practice and has held numerous exhibitions showcasing works of installation, video projection, sound, mixed media and photography.

Her preferred topics are related to her own story of immigration and cultural assimilation, uprootedness, women’s rights, gender equality and resilience. She expresses such subjects in her works through fragmented materials and narratives. These artworks depict her perpetual endeavor to find an imaginary link between events, beings, belongings and destinies by assembling materials that usually don’t fit together. NAG ultimately seeks harmony in the juxtaposition of objects and art techniques to rebuild an impromptu puzzle. Having adopted the western way of life, she questions consumption, accumulation and purpose in her collages and installations where she gives a new life to outdated and broken things.